Comedy at the PFA Awards. I'm laughing out loud.

Post-awards controversy with stand up comedian Reginald D Hunter dropping n-bombs and generally being himself (rather than the expected softer tv variant that earned him an appearance at the ceremony). Booking a comedian on the basis of lazy research into his act. You simply cannot make up this type of comedy gold.

Seems the true laugh out loud moment was had in the aftermath with plenty of side steps and apologetic attempts to explain away responsibility to those that believe Hunter was in bad taste considering the audience. The audience being a mixture of Jurassic officials that probably have fond memories of Cannon and Ball and sweary footballers that didn't care either way as they sat in attendance with accompanying Dr Beats headphones, only there to heckle Luis Suarez, whose own existential routine has been cancelled and won't be touring for a while.

Stand up comedy is the one stage that transcends controversy. You can more or less get away with anything when you're stood up on that stage as long as you're funny. It's no different to acting. It's an art form. An escapism. Not that different from football. Not everything that is said is meant. It's why comedy is dangerous and edgy. You detach yourself from reality and then you sit back to laugh in its face. You can't simply pull something out if its context and claim that it's racist or sexist or whatever ist. It is whatever you want it to be within the constraints of the bubble the stand up creates in that moment.

It's mostly an exaggeration of the comics personalty and beliefs and experiences as they rip apart whatever subject matter they wish to entertain those listening. If you're not offended by comedy it's probably not very good comedy. And if it's good, there's no reason to apologise for it.

If the PFA wanted to bring the house down with something a little more clean cut and safe, they could have awarded Theo Walcott with both PFA awards. Let's face it, they we're already off to a flyer with their Jack Wilshere nomination.