In preparation

In defeat

That's it. We're done for. Three successive league defeats. We've run out of steam again. We peaked in that Bale purple patch and we've got nothing left in the tank. We're going to slump out of the top four. Squad just too light in key areas. Never replaced Luka and Rafa. We're under-achieving massively.

Lay the blame on...

Daniel Levy for not speculating to accumulate with a 'star striker' signing in last two windows leaving us desperately short up front. 



The fact that 'squad just too light' and 'under-achieving' is a contradiction.

In victory

That's it. The blip is over. There is no FIFA virus. Winning mentality has awoken just in time to face Everton, Chelsea and City. Bring on Basel too. We're going to do this. We have the mental strength. AVB is not Redknapp. We're over-achieving massively, what a testament to our coach!

Rejoice by...

Booking tickets to Amsterdam. Working out potential points total in comparison to competing sides and their remaining fixture list in a head to head with ours - always work it out so we finish 1/2 points ahead on final day of season.


Positivity. Unless you're a pessimist. If you're the latter, state there is still time for us to **** it all up.


That's it. We've just not got it in us. Them lot won up here, we didn't. One point is not enough with Everton, Chelsea and City up ahead. We've p*ssed away our buffer by dropping points here and losing all of them against Fulham and Liverpool. That's nine potential points and we've grabbed one. Add another one from the next three games #dreamisover

Lay the blame on...

Daniel Levy for not re-signing Berbatov. Adebayor and Defoe for not scoring enough goals. Bale for not showing up when it matters most. AVB for tinkering/late subs/losing the dressing room/select one or all.

On social media...

Tell people not to panic if you're a dreamer/deluded. Tell people 'I told you so' by re-tweeting Adrian Durham's knowledge bombs and claim Gillette Soccer Saturday knew this would happen all along. Delete Twitter account and spend the rest of your days walking the earth.