RIP THFC 1882-2013

Book of condolence for Tottenham Hotspur of North London.

May peace be with you.


My tweets, post-match:

Football. Emotive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Doesn't mean everyone will agree with it. One common trait is...

People get carried away at both ends of the supporting spectrum. When it's good it's GOOD and when it's bad it's very very bad.

All I know is, I'm Tottenham. The heartbreak and the stress makes those good moments feel so much better when they come around.

They can do with coming around soon..ish. Please.

And yes, I do know that my way of supporting my club is frowned upon by some, but that's me. Forever philosophical.

As for any gloating broken children of Woolwich and once fought to get ahead of Manchester Utd.

Have a little think about that. Personally speaking, I'd be gutted if we let them finish above us again.

The Tottenham Foundation is far too giving these days.

End of the day, we played s**t and we lost. Whether it was fatigue (in legs and mind) or whatever. It's done and dusted.

If we don't wake the **** up from this then we deserve whatever we finish up with.

Written a lot recently about Spurs stepping up. Don't believe this is us collapsing. It's a different issue to last season.

No room for any more botch ups now. Give it everything. Chelsea and City games will be massive. I'm still buzzing for it.

Didn't want the season to go to the wire. Might well go all the way.

Anyways, screw all this. Chicken, chips, rice, hot sauce. Home made Nandos so I can connect with the minds of our players. Living the dream.