There's little chance of a bite

International break. Sigh. In comparison to domestic football it feels like a slow moving zombie straight out of The Walking Dead. You can see it moving towards you. An ugly, rotting carcass that persists with its thirst for living flesh. It doesn't take that much effort to ignore it and turn your back and walk towards something else instead. Unless you slump directly in front of it, there's little chance of a bite. Sure, if you're not paying attention it can creep up on you. But you'd have to be stupid or careless to allow that to happen. Always hold an axe in your hand.

Historically, on this blog, when England pushes Tottenham aside and everyone's attention span slumbers into stasis, I steer away from the usual Spurs-centric discussion points and write about other stuff. This break was one I actually welcomed based on the fact our Lilywhite army is displaying signs of fatigue. A rest and a reboot the best scenario for the week ahead. That and the fact the Fulham defeat has sent many of us diving back into the melting pot as we wave our hands around with frenzied despondency that we've blown our chances of Champions League. The inevitable that was inconceivable a week or ago is now suddenly a certainty according to the gospel of the damned.

We, football supporters, make it up as we go along. So does the media that latches onto the 'now' and assumes the future will pan out accordingly, only to then change the projection to something new the following weekend by completely dismissing their prior opinion. No sense of hypocrisy or contradiction. One game at a time the only sane option, the only way to truly allow yourself some leg room to shift about with or without nerves as one weekend is eclipsed by the next.

I'm still happy for this break. It does mean I can shut down a little and not think too much about Spurs. England is still, sadly, an afterthought for me. This means I'm still sort of thinking about Spurs.

Therefore, I retain a keen interest in all the players we have out on international duty. No doubt this is the worst point in the season to lose someone to injury. All eyes on Gareth 'he can't run without legs' Bale. All eyes on Jermain Defoe also. He hasn't scored for several years now so hoping his drought ends, even if it's in an England shirt. And against San Marino. To all our players out on international duty else, safe journey and safer return home.


Talking of Defoe, visit the DML Facebook page for links to his England video diary where he talks about the gym, playing FIFA and sleeping. A day in the life of an International footballer on international duty. Sounds like a day in the life of myself working from home minus the gym (replace gym with raiding the fridge periodically through out the day). Both of us probably a tad over-paid for our endeavours.

Elsewhere, Ledley King has spoken about Spurs challenging for the title within two seasons. We could do without the positive talking and just focus on the positive doing. One step at a time. This season isn't even over yet and yes I do agree that we're in a grand position to continue our evolution but let's also try to remember that the oil clubs will still retain a stranglehold over top tier signings and wage structures making it a difficult task for anyone else to attempt to get involved. Based on the past two seasons, I'd agree with King's logical thinking. We're not far off from the top. I would still highly recommend we aim high, but let's grow wings before we attempt to fly.

Not sure if anything else has happened. I had a wonderful t-bone steak the other night out in a restaurant in Essex. Steak was medium rare. Pretty certain I saw the Swalha sisters there. Yes, possibly the worst 'celeb sighting' I've shared. Not quite as interesting as seeing Friedel in Tesco and on the Central Line and Michael Dawson in Boots on the high road. I was also gutted last night to hear about James Herbert. The Rats trilogy is epic. Blah blah blah the budget. Cyprus has gone to ****.

Bringing it back to football again, our academy team we're knocked out the NextGen series, losing 5-3 to Sporting Lisbon after extra time. A week or so back (forgot to mention it) Spurs announced an increase in our season tickets which works out to something like £1.50 extra per match. When do they want us to renewal? By the 21st of May. Doesn't even give us the time to breathe at the end of this season. But like the consumers we are, we'll pay up.

Although I'm undecided at the moment. I know, I know...but it's a crisis of conscience. White Hart Lane is a miserable place even with us being so close to tangible success. God knows what it will be like if we we're involved in a title push. Still, the season ticket remains valuable for the purpose of taking a seat in the new ground when we eventually move. Lose the ticket now and I guess I'll be at the back end of the waiting list if I wanted to entertain the idea of a return. Not sure why I'm complaining. I'm still technically speaking in 'exile'.

Plenty of love for Paul Stalteri yesterday. He's retired. Cue 'winner against West Ham' love-in on Twitter. I can't be the only one that blames him for our failure to consolidate CL football in 2006.

Get well Gary Mabbutt (recovering in hospital after an emergency operation to cure a circulation blockage in his left leg).

I think that's it.

That slow moving zombie continues to walk towards me. I guess I should use the axe I'm holding to chop its head off or else run the risk of being bitten and end up in the horde of the undead. I plan to avoid this at all costs much like I hope we all avoid a gooner apocalypse come the end of the season.


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