Inter the Cockerel

That first leg tie with Inter, woof. A glorious dismantlement of the opposition. The most gutting aspect for us was not scoring more than the three goals we got. Moon on a stick football. However, complaints are few and far between, especially with taking a clean sheet to Milan where we hope to scribble something about the quarter-finals on it.

No return majesty for Gareth Bale this evening. Memories of his hattrick will forever remain unforgettable but for now unrepeatable. Words from Brad Friedel in the build up suggesting the squad's mentality is to approach the game like it's 0-0. A solid game plan where you hope never to find the evils of complacency. After gift wrapping the game to our last opponents we need to jump back onto the saddle of momentum and gallop into battle unleashing glory and avoiding arrows to the head and other fatalisms.


We'll know very early on in the game exactly how it will pan out. The tempo the home side attempt to set will be key to their dreams of scoring four goals. Something they had no trouble managing a few seasons ago. Sadly (for them) they're not quite the same team these days. Four goals is a monumental task, one that I hope to see become impossible with an away goal from us.

Inter were either disinterested in the first match or did not have time to muster up any determined structure thanks to our relentless waves of attacks. The usual clichés about focus and concentration and the utmost professionalism rest in my mind. I'm completely turned on by the fact we are ninety minutes away from the quarter-finals. I'm equally excited by Fulham visiting White Hart Lane on Sunday and hopeful that such excuses citing tired legs and minds will not be discussed in its aftermath.

Two big games. Two big wins. Please.