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Tweets post-match. The last couple are mine.

12:35 - "He's a chimp" chant from the West Ham fans. 12:38 - Bale scores.

BALEnham Hotspur

Siggi has earnt a start. Parker a day off. Immense mental dimension from the team today

Bale echoing Ronaldo's true breakout year at Utd in 07-08. Free-scoring, game-changing contributions every week.

It's that awkward moment for Roman when the manager he sacked is above #CFC in the league having spent over 100M less than #CFC!

Remember when we used to always conceded goals in the last 10 minutes? We've now gone 11 games without doing that.

AVB has instilled a never say die attitude, which only kicks in when it looks like we're gonna die. AVB isn't Spurs, Bale is Spurs

Spurs were 17 seconds shy of their first stoppage time winner in the league since Paul Stalteri at Upton Park in March '07

I tell you what AVB spot on with his substitutions. I was expecting Sig for Dembele but all subs were so effective

On AVB's 27th game for Chelsea, he got fired...On his 27th for Spurs he overtakes Chelsea

Far play to AVB on this extra training stuff. Fitness is carrying us in so many games now. Such a big difference

Bale is a joy to watch - spent whole game being fouled but kept going. Let's hope he does it again on Sunday

Better fitness, mental strength & determination this season thanks to AVB. As long as Bale stays fit the sky's the limit!

I mean, it's not *just* 8 goals in his last 6 games for Spurs, but they've all been brilliant + nearly all of them crucial (3 late winners!)

Sigurdsson and Carroll changed the game. Showed urgency and upped the tempo of our attacking play. Inspired substitutions

We're doing right now what Manchester United have built a dynasty on. Late goals. Never say die. Relentless pressure in the last 10 minutes

'We're coming for ya Tottenham'

It's always a good feeling to beat Stoke. I meant Bolton. No hold up a second, give me a moment here...