Greater than

So, Wenger is apparently happy with history and signing Theo Walcott instead of Gareth Bale. Not sure why. Considering it's modern day Arsenal policy to sell their best players rather than allow average ones to hold them to ransom for 100K + wages.

Bale's progression and his development is far more tangible than Walcott's. That's not to say there wasn't stagnation and mismanagement with our lad. He struggled after returning from injury, was on a God forsaken run of defeats in the first team that stretched for twenty-three or so games (not exactly his fault considering the dross performances of many of his team mates). Then there's the often referenced fact he was almost sold/loaned out depending on what rumour you believe before BAE got injured. The rest of it, from left-back to left-wing to anywhere on the pitch he fancies is history. The right type of history. Not the superfluous over hyped and over exaggerated ilk that the Arsenal propaganda machine churns out every season.

THEO on the other hand has arguably retained his best for the tabloids after his inclusion in the England squad that very first time (probably a favour for Dein by the FA). He's only marginally changed since then. Facial hair. Instilled arrogance, most of it misplaced, a Wenger trait for any given youth player he develops. Gone are the days they produced monsters. Now it's twitter hash-tags and the likes of Frimpong, famous for warming the bench, loan deals and an obsession with Dame Judi. Even Wilshere (the great hope of English football, the Ashburton Messi) is a detestable piece of ****. A reflection of the petulant delusion that sits in the still occupied seats at the Emirates.

That explosive energy, it's still there but it's what it was when he first signed for them, bar one or two minor improvements. Flatters to device thanks to the technicality of team-mates. Then when he scores it's akin to the second coming of Christ. No beard, just fluff.

He's a winger but his decision making isn't great, intelligence hardly evident when it matters most. He's a better finisher than anything yet possesses an ego greater than the sum of his parts and the expectancy has engulfed any possibility of him being something more than just a Henry wannabe (if the number 14 isn't enough there's always the thumping chest slaps to further cement the fallacy).

Okay, so he scores against us. That's more to do with us capitulating. And, Jenas always scored against them so its a moot point.

You might point to the iconic moments that Bale has given Tottenham (Inter for example) and say they're no different to Walcott's chipped goal for Southampton, his hattrick for England and that really really fast run against Liverpool. But then remind yourself of the utter disdain those cheery lot at the Emirates bestowed on Walcott not that long ago, all of them fed up of his inconsistency and his lack of footballing maturity. When you're left with statistical comparisons you know you're in trouble. Bale is our main player. Walcott is the personification of Arsenal's desperation. A cycle of success long since over but struggling to admit it from the inside out.

Wenger said pre-Blackburn in the cup they would treat the occasion like a cup final. I didn't think they would literally treat it like a cup final.

So whilst they continue to pay out for the Henry-lite goal celebrations, protracted contract negotiations cooling Liverpool's interest in the player, we'll continue to hold out for the £50M or so we'll ask the likes of Madrid for. If and when Levy decides it's time to sell. Considering he got an extra season out of Luka, we might not lose Bale when Sky Sports News want us to lose him.

With cruel irony, it's still more likely that Theo will still be at Arsenal when Bale has moved on. Cruel in that Wenger will lose the player for nothing when his contract finally does run out rather than reap the rewards of the £10M or so he's worth (Liverpool might have paid double that in the last window).

There's a difference between being the player you think you are and being the player you know you are.

Bale > Walcott