The pro versus the anti

Supporter newsletter update.


Supporters that backed Daniel Levy (and Joe Lewis) after the summer spending spree post Gareth Bale to Madrid are now anti-Levy. They were pro-AVB and anti-Redknapp.

Since start of season confidence has evaporated quicker than it took Arsenal fans to go from wanting Wenger out to proclaiming themselves title favourites, fragmenting support further.

Supporters that hated Andre Villas-Boas and wanted him gone are pro-Tim Sherwood and are stating hypocrisy aimed at the pro-AVB supporters for not giving Sherwood support after a single game. The pro-Sherwood supporters have always been anti-Levy.

Pro-Sherwood say AVB was not qualified. Pro-AVB say Sherwood is less qualified.

Supporters that were pro-Redknapp and suggest he should return are criticising the anti-Sherwood mob for not having patience or faith even though they displayed the same logic with wanting AVB out.

The pro-AVB supporters are anti-Sherwood and have no faith in the Sherwood appointment and see no hypocrisy in not supporting the new coach due to the forced upon nature of the appointment (when the AVB appointment was meant to be the progressive one).


The media are smug and feel vindicated and are now directing their rhetoric towards the chairman.

Football managers the world over are looking the other way.

Adebayor is now the voice of Tottenham with the pre-match battle cry.

Tim Sherwood is talking himself up like he's Gods gift, self-promoting and critical of previous appointment. Pro-AVB claim arrogance, pro-Sherwood claim confidence.

Tim Sherwood has Arsenal connections. Pro-AVB claim this is a further reason to dislike him. Pro-Sherwood point to more hypocrisy concerning ex-Chelsea managers, actual ex-Arsenal players that have been associated with the club.

Pro-AVB's will state if methodical non-swaggering low tempo football isn't 'Spursy' enough and goes against our history then how is any given Arsenal player/non-player connected to Spurs truly acceptable (bending the rules to fit an agenda)?

Pro-Sherwood's will respond by saying that people involved in football are never truly loyal to football (clubs).

Pro-AVB's will say Sherwood shouldn't be saying 'he's a Tottenham man' if deep down he isn't.

Pro-Sherwood's will refer to 'loyalty' again - not being questionable as long as he's successful for Tottenham as surely every single Spurs boss has associations with other clubs.

Pro-AVB supporters will not boo Sherwood even though they are anti-Sherwood unlike the anti-AVB fans that booed AVB from the very beginning.

AVB? Nowhere to be heard or seen, already forgotten. Unless we lose tomorrow, in which case pro-AVB will state he could have turned it around and pro-Sherwood would claim 'it's all still his fault'.

Levy himself, keeping quiet. No statement because there's no strategy or no statement because there's more to all this and keeping quiet protects all concerned.

Just another week in N17.

End of update.


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