Thought of the day (AVB gone)


Never a boring second with Spurs. It's like having fantastic sex with your partner but every so often she pulls out a whip and destroys you.

Massive overhaul of coaching structure, mass spending spree on new players and rather than fight it all out when things are not going smoothly we get rid of the new era (error) at the most pivotal moment in the season. Either this is a master-stroke or suicide. Would love to know what the objectives the next coach will have once appointed. Probably still 'top four'.

Daniel Levy, completely accountable here. This is a gamble that will have to work.

Andre, good luck. We'll be quite sure if you were broken or if you had it in you to turn this minor downturn upwards.

As for you lot, hope you go easy on the next man. Guessing you want swaggering football and a strong spine to compete for the title. A promise land we've not visited since the 1960s.

Short termism wins the day.