The wild west re-opens its doors

Having had several regulars frozen out since removing guest posting and as this site is in part a democracy (I'm willing to change something if the majority want it) I've re-opened guest posting - with caveats. Which I'm sure the same majority will just go ahead and ignore.

If you haven't attempted to log in using a social media account or registering a Squarespace (the host of this blog) account, please try. If it works, great.

If you don't have a social media account (Twitter, Google, Facebook etc) and you're unable to complete the process of registering a Squarespace account - then you're stuck with the guest option until I work out why this process is such a massive ballache for many of you. Long term, I will remove guest commenting once I know that registration is 100% full proof.

Generally speaking, to trouble shoot reg issues, try using different web browsers as this might suggest if the issue is central to one particular piece of software or not.

Thank you to everyone that has played along and signed up an account. Keep it. Those that try again and fail - let me know exactly what the error is (and what OS, browsers you're using). If you have access to different platforms, try registering on your smartphone then attempt the login on your desktop or vice versa.

If you simply can't be arsed - well done you win.

So going forward, if you spam/flood the comments section I will delete the posts. You're anonymous but not really thanks to your IP address. I guess what I'm saying is please don't make me delete posts. I don't censor anything unless it's racist/threatening etc. At the same time, this remains a community for some so have a little respect.

Knock yourselves out and if all goes well police your own threads of discussions. There's an option to flag anything sinister so I get to see it.

As this article has nothing to do with Spurs, to give it some relevance, that Lamela to La Liga story is a prelude to the sh*tstorm of f**kery we're about to be drowned in come January when websites and blogs that want to make money from click thrus push their nonsensical rhetoric for a month of misery. Don't be an addict, throw away the syringe.



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