Darkest days

Line-up for Newcastle. 


Walker, Dawson, Chiriches, Vertonghen

Paulinho, Dembele


Sigurdsson, Townsend


Subs: Gomes, Kaboul, Lennon, Lamela, Holtby, Defoe, Sandro


Game hasn't even kicked off and the negativity is consuming social media. Do you lot want to wait until it starts before you start reciting your emo poems? I'm holding out for an Eriksen/Sigurdsson combination should provide us with enough movement and creative guile to carve out a goal for Soldado. Siggy on his own will no doubt playfully tease the woodwork before finding the back of the net.

Central midfield is missing a question mark in the middle of it. No, no...it's there, I can see it. No Sandro. Dembele holding, Paulinho box to box? Perhaps both can take turns in gliding forward. If Newcastle park the bus the game will be a barrel of laughs. 

No Hugo. Which means the narrative (boo, the n word) will no doubt dominate the post-game presser having already rested him after his knock to his head.  Why did Andre Villas-Boas stand so strong on his decision only to hand the ones pointing a gun more ammunition? Does any of it really matter? Might as well be talking about this non-event of a story than having a dig at the form of any of our players.

Brad plays. Some academy player called Gomes on the bench. Never heard of him. 

No Lamela makes me sad. Although now the kid is smiling a cameo might not be half as apologetic as his early appearances for us. Will no doubt want to make an impact again, even if its via the subs bench. 

Let's get three points then AVB can tender his resignation over the Lloris fiasco. Darkest days in our history. Burning my Holsten shirt regardless so if we do lose it will prove that I knew it all along.

Just to prove I'm balance and not drowning in blind faith...would love to see 1st half tempo/urgency displayed at Everton, in opening 30 minutes.

I'm such a dreamer.