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So, apparently the 'old Spooky' would never have put up with the current predicament Tottenham find themselves in and therefore I must be on the Spurs payroll, churning out pro-AVB propaganda to bolster the pension fund. Chaps, how about you leave the satire to me and you lot concentrate on hounding out yet another manager. Or better still, go straight to the top and blame Levy for yet another ballache of an appointment.

I wasn't happy when Redknapp joined. I called it an 'interim' troubleshooting appointment. The crux is, I backed him because I backed Tottenham and all the while many of you wanted him gone early. He at least proved to be a short term success. When we needed to find another level and when he made his job untenable...everyone knew his time was up. How ironic that he was never given the job with CL in mind (no matter what Levy says) and was the least likely person to have finally got us there. No wonder we've been left in a dizzy spell ever since.

The beauty of all of this? It's that some of you remain in the comfortably position of always wanting the manager out and quickly, never satisfied and always looking at the next man in. I remember during the height of our 'attractive fast paced football' under Harry that there was still moaning about the genuine lack of tactical astuteness. Which was fine to discuss but almost fatalistic from one season to another. I'm painting a picture with crayons here, but you know exactly what I'm alluding to.

You do know that's the easiest position to undertake is to stand there and call for someone's head and conclude they will fail no matter what? We've been here before, too many times. It's not insight when history tells you that no matter the man at the helm, it never ends well. Nobody is ever good enough for us. Or rather, we always end up with what we deserve. I'm astonished that some have even suggested the likes of Redknapp or Hoddle to return. Why not remove Levy and replace him with Sugar whilst we're at it.

You want our coach to be brave? How about this; We all show some unified bravery and back the team - everyone, as one. **** anyone or anything that isn't Tottenham Hotspur. They are loving this and they are loving it more that there's a fair chunk of our support that are hating our current 'predicament'.

At the end of the day I have my opinion, you have yours. Let's agree we'll stop trying to force them down each others throats.

If Andre can take Spurs back to basics then we can do the same. Best way to look at it - whatever unfolds in the next week/month/season - if it ends with glory (with our without our current coach) we all win. If it doesn't, don't fret, most don't.

For now, it's all about this Sunday. We're going to find out just how hurt the players are (after the tonking at City) when we play United and how much they all desire redemption.



Title: Never The Bride

This week we're joined by Rob White, son of Spurs legend John. We come to terms with Chick King not agreeing to sell our fanzines, 1882 announcement, the City mauling and getting rid of George Graham. Windy provides a half-time youth education. How long is it humanly possible to hold your breath for and the importance of managers in modern football. We've also got message from our beloved Engineer Al.

Bridesmaids: Flav, Spooky, Thelonious


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