Eriksen is a bit of alright

I've sat down and re-watched the defeat against Newcastle United. You'd think I'd find something more entertaining to enjoy. I blame this article:

It's curious, how you can see one thing then when you re-watch you see something completely different. It's like an awakening. Even though it's exactly the same thing, it's somehow different because you're no longer attached to it in the same way because it's already played out and the result is known.

When you deconstruct a football match with all the emotion and expectancy stripped away (which can at times poison your perception of the game when it's live) you're left with perhaps over analysing (and therefore over compensating) to help with soothing post-match depression. Or just reacting with a hefty amount of disgruntled opinion formed from a dozen different narratives as you seek to recovery with stages of grief.

Statistics can make anything look good. Context is also relevant, but if I'm completely honest with myself, with days passed since the 1-0 loss, my head is clearer and my heart is relatively slow beating through the day...and that article above is making sense to me.

Maybe I'm far too susceptible to over analysing and over compensating. Ever the eternal optimist.

The performance wasn't (in the second half) anywhere near as demoralising as it felt during live viewing. Still not perfect, I stand by most of what I wrote in its aftermath.

I do think that I undervalued his influence in the game, mainly because goals failed to materialise as the end product of the subtle vision on display. Possibly did Newcastle's defence a disservice too, such was the pressure felt to see us score and win the game.

Having had my eyes transfixed on Eriksen like some demented player cam following his every move I've got to say I'm feeling a lot better today than I did on Sunday night. Although watching a football match when you know what's going to transpire is hardly the same as watching it live and having your heart trampled on.


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