Spurs win. We won, right?

Spurs 2 Hull 2 aet (Spurs win 8-7 on pens)


If it's okay by you I'd rather not give you a blow by blow analysis of the match and have to revisit what was a mentally exhausting non-event. Wasn't great was it? Although winning on penalties was. Pre-match, line up looked very strong. Early tempo was decent, moved the ball around with some zip. There was encouragement with some of our passing movement and inter-changing. Siggy's goal was stunning, a thunderous thump of Thor's hammer for the 1-0.

Ironically, this addition of expression meant we didn't quite control possession as tightly as we did on Sunday against Hull meaning they had more of the ball in offensive positions. 

I've got to be honest, I don't really remember that much after that. Hull got back into the game. Brad with an own goal that was somehow not credited to him. When the visitors took the lead that dark ominous cloud of doom covered the Lane and we all prepared ourselves for the inevitable knock-out to the backdrop of some upbeat singing from block J and 1882.

Alas, no. The dark cloud dissipated and the sun (well the moon) shined through. Looks like our continued aspirations to get to Christmas playing fragmented football and still win games is going to plod on for a little longer. 

Harry Kane a hero with the equaliser for the 2-2, deserved after almost scoring in injury-time from around 25 yards out.

The penalties hardly enjoyable viewing when you always default to thinking it won't end well. Brad with two saves, from zero to hero. Would not have gone to pens had Lloris played, right? But glad he wasn't because I don't think I've ever witnessed so many Spurs pens scored in a shoot-out. A run of seven successive pen shootout defeats ENDED.

Made me forget all about Kyle Walker and his luck escape with a truly diabolical attempt at getting the ball that should have been a red.

Hope Lamela gets plenty of hugs for his misfired pen but a good hearty slap on the back for slowly slowly getting himself in the game and linking up well, be it not with spectacular edge. Must have put himself up for taking the penalty, so kudos, but he doesn't need to force a good impression. It will come in time. Naturally. On the ball he looks so comfortable. Has to show more, but then the confidence isn't there yet. Chin up Erik. You'll be a superstar. The limelight is here waiting for you. The only way to get there is to start him regularly and not just in cup games.

Defoe was hardly in it, unable to cope with the pace of the ball and its movement when we attempted to string passes together in the final third, but his penalty was a beaut. Eriksen faded. It's all a bit stop start at the moment.

Chadli came on for nine minutes and then was subbed thanks to injury. Kane looked good as a number 10. As for Brad, an outstanding professional he might be, but we're in desperate need for a younger version of Lloris to deputise in games when the coach feels our number one needs to sit out.

We won. It wasn't great. Our 'reserve' line-up not as strong as it looked like on paper pre-kick off. There was some of that character we like to display so another notch for winning mentality and momentum, be it one that has its hand on the snooze button.

Negatives? Wasn't exciting. Extra time not great with Everton next. Positives? We played with far more urgency - something that many have demanded. We won. We did win, right? We've got West Ham at home in the quarter-final. A chance to stop them from a historic cup double.


Additional footnotes: 

No Adebayor. I think we can safely say he is not in our plans.  Other than the ones that involve players leaving in the January window.

I had to watch the game on an internet stream with Twitter as my colour commentary. If you had the displeasure of listening to the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, Jon Champion, then at least my pain was shared. Talk about someone wanting to drive a tiresome narrative concerning our £30M record signing from Lazio (yes, Lazio) which include a spiteful '...and Lamela lets Tottenham down' soundbite post-pen miss. The Hull player unlucky enough to see scuffed effort saved was only tagged to be unlucky. How ironic. Why is there still no technology to head-butt someone via the internet?

Massive shout out to 1882. Or more to the point, massive shout out to Spurs fans that want to stand and sing and buy tickets in blocks that 1882 have allocated by the club. The more supporters that want to be part of this movement, the less of a movement it becomes and the more it becomes about Tottenham supporters becoming a vocal majority again. 

As for Twitter itself. It's a reactionary snapshot of opinion. It never ends well. There appears to be this us and them culture which granted, I play a big part in with my own pointing of fingers at those that show no consistency with their support.

Okay, so I ranted and had a few choice words to share regarding the constant 'I told you so' fatalism. Others suggest that its not fickle to be critical. And this is where it gets messy. You can be critical without having to dig a shallow grave and throw Spurs in it. Being critical doesn't make you fickle. However there has to be some transparency with your expectations.

Apparently if you're supportive or say don't want to conclude a defining opinion on Spurs after every single performance then you're deluding yourself and accepting, or rather, not accepting that this will all end in tears.

It's like everyone is Nostradamus. I'm hardly telling people this will end with glory but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the coach and back him and his ideology along with the players and their quite obvious support of him. That's not to say I don't have expectations that involve better end product and more ruthless dominance of games.

I guess that makes me a hippy. You know, happy clapping in the corner. To think once upon a time I was a radical. 

Pretty sure some are side-stepping the fact that this isn't about people that want to point out what's wrong with AVB and his tactics, but people with a set agenda that have no desire to alter their view point. These same people will embrace the next appointed coach with similar caveat burdened backing. The agenda sees some willing, wanting our coach to fail. Not sure anyone in this position can defend that ilk of attitude. It's an attitude because it's definitely not support. 

And here I go again...preaching.


Whatever happened to me? 

I've been in auto-pilot for a year or so now with my writing. Someone told me tonight I've lost my edge. He wasn't telling me something I don't already know. It's like I'm trying to facilitate peace between warring factions of Spurs opinions.

Time to remove the bullet proof vest.

Time to come off my medication.