Clippers at the ready

You know what's going to happen right? Tommy Huddlestone is going to pick the ball up from around 30 yards out, play a one two and then hit the return pass on the half volley and thunder the ball past a despairing Lloris for a stunning return goal at his 'old club'.

Big Tom will then remove a pair of clippers from his pocket (they have pockets in their shorts, right?) and finally shave off his hair having promised not to cut it until he scored a goal. I'm guessing it's been over a year since he's done that so it's nigh perfect for the mocking footballing Gods to look down at Spurs and serve us a plate of irony (they're all out of lasagne).

To be honest, I don't mind if he scores against us. That's only if we've scored three or four before he does. Would be fitting but then again with no Jake Livermore (on loan from Spurs and won't be able to play against us) to offer him protection, I'm not sure Tom and the rest of the Hull midfield will have time to concentrate on offensive play. You know, on account of the likes of Sandro and Paulinho bossing their way around the centre of the pitch.

I hope.

See, this game fits that oh so ominous nervous template. Team with no chance come to defend deep, unsettle and break up our play, frustrate us for an hour, counter and score. Sort of happened against West Ham. Although simply put, on that particular day we were shocking.

Spurs must not have any suggestion of Euro hangover lingering deep in their thoughts and their legs. Time to step up, be ruthlessly professional and dismantle and destroy. With no disrespect to Hull, this could have been any side visiting us on Sunday.

There's an opportunity here to boost confidence, boost that momentum and adrenaline and really stamp some much required home advantage authority. Sure, I'll take a hard fought three points. But I'd much prefer that much missed swagger and a comfortable controlled victory.

You know that cliché about waiting for your team to explode? How they are due to click across the field and thrash someone? I'm in no way expecting that or attempting to jinx that potential eventuality, but if Spurs truly want to contend at the top of the table and challenge they'll have to shift closer to threatening such an occasion.

Hull might sit deep. We've seen it so many times. We're even seeing it away from home. Plan A morphs into Plan B. That's if we know what our Plan B is these days.

Width is on it's way back to being relevant with the return of Lennon. As long as we don't congest the middle with untidy inverted play and allow our playmaker to thread balls to our forward, we really should have more than enough to see off Tommy Hudd and Hull.

If we don't, brace yourselves for one almighty autopsy post-match.