I'm offended by the people that are offended

International break is over. Andros Townsend made England watchable. Space has made a monkey out of all of us.

Not sure what the worst thing is about this latest headline hogging debacle. 

The fact that someone grassed Hodgson up to the press? 

The fact that context and intent is only relevant when it suits the FA? 

The fact the space monkey anecdote is a bit ****? 

The fact Townsend doesn't give a ****? 

The fact that if you mention monkey in front of anyone that's black, the tabloids instantly associate racist undertones to it? I guess all white people should ready themselves for Christmas and plentiful snow man jokes. You know because all white people are melters. I'm not technically white so I guess I should release a statement apologising.

Or perhaps there's a question to be asked why that aforementioned 'classic' NASA 'joke' was cited at half time in the first place. Hardly the Comedy Club Roy (not on this occasion - we've qualified). Clumsy on his behalf, but Christ, is it really too much to ask for the red top tabloids not to default to form and create something out of nothing? Are we so devoid of news or positivity? Or does the likes of The Sun simply reflect and therefore amplify the mentality of the 'nation' (or at least the millions that buy and read it). Give the people what they want and they only want low grade idiocy.

Beggers belief that the FA have to release a statement, Kick it Out and other anti-racism groups have to also comment on it. Yet actual racism, you know, the type where intent and context is vile and vicious for the best part gets pushed aside for the far more media friendly sound-bites that sell newspapers and churn traffic hits.

You'd think the press would get bored of the same old same old and actually seek to back someone who's had some success. Alas no. Of course not. This is England and the bigger they are the harder they fall.


Spookyspace monkey