Should have kept it on the low

It's been confirmed by Spurs that Emmanuel Adebayor is departing for Africa.

He's available for the QPR game this Saturday then he's off with Togo to the African Cup of Nations between 19th January and 10th February (or earlier depending on how quickly Togo get knocked out).

So he's changed his mind although from the looks of it his intention was always to represent his country. He just wanted certain guarantees from them before he committed. Which is fair enough from his own personal perspective and ambition.

Not sure why he had to tell the world that AVB is unhappy about his decision.

"That's what he told the press, but this not what he told me"

"I will discuss it with Levy after I get back."

Of course he's unhappy, he's losing a player - a forward - leaving us with one. He's hardly going to crack open the champagne.

We have not had Adebayor in full pelt at all this season, pockets of decent play but he's taking time to adapt and find a groove compared to a slightly different role to last seasons. Add injury to that and its been a fairly quiet season for him. Puncturing his season further with a few weeks away playing for his country is hardly the best timing. Unless he scores and plays well and comes back rejuvenated. 

Fact is, even if he was in form for us, knocking in the goals, he'd still have gone. Same difference, we're left with just JD upfront as our only true striker.

I guess the problem with quotes is not so much the words but the context in which the reader decides to translate them. That and the fact that half the time the player in question should just shut up and get on with it. It's nobody's business what is discussed privately and players shouldn't seek to share anything contradictory especially when all AVB is doing is managing the media. He's hardly going to tell the press that he's unhappy with Adebayor as it just adds fuel to the fire.

Maybe Adebayor didn't mean anything by it, just stating fact. But fact is something that's easily turned into drama by our friends in the red tops.

It's all much ado about nothing as the player will probably only miss two games at the most.

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