Waiting for that monolith to drop

Excited? Just another day to get through and transfer deadline day is upon us. Norwich away to get through first. Defoe fit and ready (thanks to an injection). Holtby in the squad - so cue ridiculously high expectations for him to morph into a hybrid of Modric and van der Vaart with countless assists and goals. Or else the Tottenham Facebook army will run havoc and chaos with disdain. All AVB's fault is the mantra if you've already forgotten it.

Holtby himself has thrown himself balls deep, downloading the official Spurs app, lapping up the new training ground and saying all the right things ("Ever since I decided to join Spurs in the summer, I had the feeling that I wanted to come here straight away..."). Hopefully he possesses the key to unlock the opposition door. We're hardly shy with getting into goal scoring opportunities, blasting an effort towards goal. Just need that subtle touch, that missing vision to allow for a certain goal rather than a half chance that sails over. No pressure son. Take your time to get settled in (10 minutes tops or else).

As for the transfer window itself, I still think we're left with the usual brinkmanship of opportunity thanks to the obvious fact its the 30th of January and nothing else has happened yet. We always talk about decisive movement in early January and here we are again, waiting for this impossible dream of a striker or something else equally exotic and improbable.

Then there's cover for the flanks. A DM to bolster the middle (with Sandro out). But then that's what we want rather than what AVB might want and what Levy can afford. There's plenty of theorising and hope. But unless we're looking at loans or more uber-cheap purchases, I'm not sure anything will happen now - when the summer is always more likely to produce long term captures.

Levy has backed Andre Villas-Boas. You can't deny it when you count up the players we've signed since the summer (Adebayor, Dembèlè, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Lloris...and Holtby) but that long running saga concerning a forward (an out and out goal poaching goal scoring machine) continues to plod along. If we signed such a player...then...drool. We'll be fit and ready to go toe to toe for 3rd place (or 2nd - depends on how giddy you are reading this).


Conspiracy theorists will harp on about lack of genuine funds, tight ship and all that. Hence why nothing ever seems to happen. But then again, if we were close to the Moutinho signing, then we do have money to splash on players we (the coach) wants. If those players are not available (again) then nothing will happen if we remain ambitious and only want to spend on high end quality (players that will improve the squad not stop-gap it). I guess the next question is - when does the number one target get replaced with the number two target who becomes the new number one target? We all await the day Daniel Levy drops a monolith in N17.

Drunk conspiracy theorists will say Levy doesn't want to commit to anything because ENIC are looking to sell the club/we are strapped for cash-flow due to stadium development/Chirpy has spent the money on crystal meth.

ITK itself (that's 'In the know' if you're...well, not in the know for what it stood for) has completely dried up. Not that it wasn't dry before. Before it was a dry well. Now it's a well full of sand - not a drop in sight. The new 'in thing' is not to share ITK but instead to preach about what ITK should be listened to and which should be dismissed. Because apparently some of us are ITK with what constitutes as ITK. It's akin to having someone walk through the sewage system and point out posh poo.

You'll have no idea what I'm talking about if you're not reading other blogs or following an assortment of Spurs related people on Twitter. In a nutshell...ego and vanity seems to be the fuel that drives some forward, obsessed with being somehow connected with a slice of breaking news before it breaks and how dare anyone else profit (in traffic hits) from it. Thought-police picking holes in everything, missing the fact they themselves are responsible for most of the bullsh*t that gets churned out.

Actually, does that also make me a thought-police officer for suggesting they don't have a right to dance their merry jig of narcissistic megalomaniac hypocrisy? No. I'm not saying they can't, I'm just saying I can point and stare and laugh.

I reckon I'm on the brink of going postal. Not because I'm upset or angry, but because we all take ourselves way too seriously and considering the amount of in-fighting going at the moment with Spurs 'fans', I might as well get my hands dirty too. Don't want to be left out.

Tomorrow should be doubly fun for me as I'm back on The Fighting Cock podcast for the first time since late last year (blame work for my absence). We're recording late evening, so should be a laugh with eyes on the transfer ticker tape. @WindyCOYS is also back for his second appearance. Keep an eye (and ear) on its release - on Friday. To those who download regularly, thanks, several thousand of you seem to enjoy it.

I did have more to say, but a fair bit was said on Twitter last night so I'll leave it there. Follow me if you want: @Spooky23 Check out my time-line. You know, because my ego and vanity desires that.

Peace and love x