Things I want to see from Spurs this season (#1)


Take the Europa League seriously


It's not the Champions League. The group stages are not sexy. It's an afterthought to keep the plucky sides that missed out on the elite competition happy, even though for the most part they're not because they're distracted with trying to qualify for that very same elite competition. It's not been taken seriously for a while, but with Villas-Boas you sense he will want committment. It's important if you believe it's important. It's either this or the Capital One Cup. Take it seriously and it shapes into something tangible. But beyond the standard discussions on squad rotation and head coach ambitions to drive home a winning mentality no matter the game being played, the final is in Amsterdam, in The Amsterdam ArenA.

Amsterdam. The final is in Amsterdam. It's in the 'dam.


*Tag with 'potential to be greatest ever away day'.

Do we really need another reason to want to go all the way to the final? It's in Amsterdam. The prospect of silverware is a nice to have, but the prospect of...Hash cakes, mushrooms, red light district, beer, fit birds on bicycles, threesomes (affordable), pornography, red light district, coffee shops, lap dancers, red light district...

Never red? On this occasion, it's an acceptable alternative to blue. Trust me.

I want to go all the way. I demand a happy ending.