Under Armour goes above and beyond

I've never been that fussed about new home/away Spurs kits from a consumers perspective. I rarely buy anything aside from training gear (tracksuit tops, shirts). Can't remember the last actual Spurs home shirt I bought (I was given one a season or two ago). You're more likely to spot a gut than a Cockerel on some of our previous skin-tight shirts, so I let the professionals do the dressing up. I'm far more concerned about how we look in it when marauding and swashbuckling on the pitch. Preferably, smart and traditional without any unnecessary fixtures (i.e. yellow streaks). So have Under Armour delivered?

I've got to applaud with a resounding yay. They have.

It looks like an UA shirt (if compared to some of their American Football designs), you can see the signature design elements but they are not poking your eyes out like the US based shirts. Nothing abrasive here. It's tidy and clean yet still striking. Love the collars. Love the white shorts (for European action only right?). The away shirt is equally standoutish.

I might actually consider a shirt for lounging about or blessing it as a lucky must have for sofa sitting football watching. Although those training tops are more likely to catch my eye and wallet.

Seems the official launch has done more for conspiracy theories than driving interest in the actual unveiling (as kits were leaked recently). People already attempting to work out who might be sold based on where they're standing in the main photo of the squad whilst kitted out in full armour. Gomes is hiding in there. You need to look real hard. It's like searching for Wally.

Missing players include King or Bassong or both (Is that Bassong pretending to be King on the far right or is it Ledley?), Jenas, Defoe, Pienaar, Caulker and one or two others. All of which are wearing the new shirt on the squad page (photoshopped in places). The main UA squad photo was taken during the season when some of our players were out on loan or had leave of absence, so no theories to be had here.

Aside from the fact that van der Vaart has been removed from the lead role in the away shirt promo images (leaked prior to launch) and not unveiled during the launch. van der Vaart giving us a seductive look (in the unreleased image) probably giving the same look to Hamburg. Hmm. Done and dusted then.






images from Spurs Shop

Also love the promo work for these shirts. Scott Parker's sexual growling, Gareth 'come at me bro' Bale, Michael 'I'm copying Gareth's come at me bro stance' Dawson, Brad and his evil plans to take over the world as a James Bond villain and Benny too cool for skool. Standard. Livermore looking a tad uncomfortable with the whole 'come at me bro' its more 'stay away lads I'm a bit constipated' and is Carlo gesturing rude things with his hand?



Click on above for more promo images via UA and for Tottenham's official FB page for more.

Nice work all round.


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