AVB and the Spurs striker

AVB: Okay, this is what I want you to do. I want you to go out there and ghost into the channels and pressure their full-back, when you see our attacking player-maker shift towards the penalty area, swap with the left sided midfielder and attack the space directly in front of the attacking midfielder but look at the movement of the left sided midfielder if he attacks the same space as you, cut across the pen area and move at an angle towards the space just outside the six yard box. But not if the right-winger is occupying the same space. If he is, hold back on the edge of the box then move parallel to where the ball is travelling into the box from. Okay?

Spurs striker: <silence>

AVB: Okay?

Spurs striker: Whaaa?

AVB: F*****g run around a bit and kick the ball.

Spurs striker: Yes boss. Gotcha. The ball is the round thing that moves yeah?