I'll Hazard a guess it won't happen

I don't follow French football neither do I follow Belgium football and their prodigy's to a point where I could blog or tweet an opinion with cast iron certainty. I have to take the word(s) of others and rarely do unless I know without a shadow of doubt that word counts for something. Do you know much about Eden Hazard and his family? No? Read this: Understanding Eden Hazard.

I've seen the array of video clips of the player, a few live games and been kept apprised of his club form for some time now. But it's not quite the same as weekly intakes of the Premier League. So Belgian Spur and his word is good enough for me. And his connection to Hazard is pretty much one that can't be ignored. The latest news however might leave me with egg on face, as Man City are in the strongest position to sign him - not because of the wage packet they can offer (Spurs, Utd are just as competitive with the financial side of things) but because they are truly pushing the emphasis on game time and development. Eden wants to become the best footballer he can be and I guess Eastlands exuberant playground is a foundation that can't be ignored even if there is potential for the rather obvious stigma for joining the all too obvious choice. For all the hate we have for the project, they will continue to attract the very best players (much like Chelsea did in the Mourinho era) and will compete for silverware every season.

We have a deal in place with Lille (as do Utd). Arsenal don't. City are ahead of everyone. As expected.

The Hazard clan will do what's best for Eden. They want greatness which will only really come with guaranteed first team football to aid relentless progression, with the player playing in his strongest position and at the highest level (Champions League is key). Two clubs can offer that. One might be able to. Maybe it will come down to wages in the end, as much as the player (and myself) would have us believe it's not about the money. If money is simply a bonus if all clubs can offer Hazard football in its purest sense, then why not take the biggest bonus on offer?

He's claiming he prefers blue to red. Does the blue on our white shirts count?