The Blame Game

AC Milan for losing a three goal lead
Liverpool FC for being responsible for the CL rule to be written in the first place
UEFA's bureaucracy
Levy and the moneyball transfer tactic
John Terry, we know what you are
Fabio Capello for not caring what John Terry is
The FA's dithering appointment process and blatant ambiguity and flirting
The English press being utterly obsessed with HR
HR for being utterly obsessed with HR
Chris Hoy
Chris Toy
Even Chris Foy
Jermain Defoe's short legs
The heart operation
The court case
Lady Luck completely abandoning us and preferring to lift her skirt up for degenerates instead
The lost footballing basics - lack of rotation, lack of focus, lack of doing what Bill Nicholson would have done
Too much dithering on the touch line
The London Underground
Mario Balotelli
The ball boy at QPR
Countless disallowed goals
Howard Webb just because
Martin Atkinson and phantom goals
Marton Fulop's 'botheredness'
Glory hunting nubreed post-CL début plastic Spurs 'faithful' that think success is served up on a plate
Andre Villas-Boas for giving Terry and Chelsea players 'massive chip on shoulder'
Napoli for not taking their chances
Barcelona for not taking their chances
Real Madrid for choking
Bayern Munich for not taking their chances and resembling Spurs
Spurs for being the only club capable of losing a cup final they weren't even playing in
Football for hating on Tottenham
Quantum physics
The Boogie