Triffic against traffic cones but sweet FA for 'arry

Spurs 2 Blackburn 0

We got everything right without really hitting full pelt. Selection, tactics and tempo. Players looked brighter and more hungry for it, the football flowed and had the final ball been a notch better we'd have been comfortably out of sight long before we scored a second. Blackburn Rovers turned up. In the stands. On the pitch, fairly non-existent. They just set themselves up to contain but hardly managed to do so convincingly. We utterly dominated from start to finish (something ridiculous like 71% possession). We had 17 (or 19) shots they had nothing. Not even a shot off target. It was a akin to training match against traffic cones that had wheels attached to them and someone on the touch-line was remote controlling them really badly to force our players to run a little more energetically towards goal.

Sandro was sick. Literally and in terms of class. Beastly in effort. Tenacious with and without the ball, it was good to see this again in Lilywhite. Plenty of solid tackles, neat and tidy play. Unlucky with his shot that struck the bar and his marauding run was a proper punching the air with encouragement moment. He was solid in his defensive duties (winning the ball back, tracking) and tasty going forward. Parker wasn't missed. Seeing players wanting to win, it shouldn't be a luxury, it should be a given.

Chipped away at Rovers for the 1-0 with Rafa scoring. The second a brilliant free-kick (oh my God, direct from a set-piece!) from Kyle Walker. Sorry Robbo.

Defenders had little to do. Flankers were involved without being overly exciting. Bale still roaming (although against Rovers it was the only way he could probably remain awake). Modric was free to collect and lay off in the middle to his hearts content and although this game was made easy by the lack of endeavour from the opposition we still had to work as a unit, which we did. Wasn't spectacular. Not going to complain either. We had to win, we did. That's enough for me.

Bolton next. That won't be easy in comparison and a far sterner test. Been here before post-Swansea win. Spurs, Harry...still with plenty to prove.

As for Roy Hodgson being approached by the FA who have yet to approach anyone else, either they will ask to speak to others or they've decided against Harry or perhaps they we're never really interested in him in the first place. Where the irony sits is up to you and your own perception of this saga. 

Was the FA ever interested in Redknapp?

Could they not have released a statement and clarified their position unequivocally at the beginning (when Fabio was sacked) to say they will appoint someone in the summer when the season is actually over? Because if they did that (I forget) it still feels like its been dragged out with dollops of uncertainty landing in our back yard.

Does the FA not think they are causing uncertainty and distractions by doing their business when the season is still running its course? WBA still have games left to play last I looked.

If the FA did not approach Harry, then does the blame sit with Harry and his media mates who whored and manufactured a relentless campaign of hype where England was constantly mentioned and cited?

Why did Levy and Redknapp not meet behind closed doors and agree to draw a line under it and release a statement to reiterate focus on Spurs and Spurs only? If a manager is constantly talking about another job even if it's in response to media questions, surely a quiet word on professionalism wouldn't go a miss?

Good luck Roy.

It's funny to think that the FA might have had Redknapp in mind but changed it after the Spurs blip. A self-fulfilling prophecy of doom. If we don't qualify for the Champions League will Levy want to part with a mass of (compensation) money by sacking his manager? Or more to the point, is he now stuck with him? Or do we plug away with what we've got, because what we've got is still good enough to fight for a top four place next season? Even though it means we have to tolerate the continued disassociation and naivety which will point towards under-achieving - though this will depend on your perception. Competing top end of table is hardly under or over achieving if we keep doing it but could we be doing better and is the blame shared with Levy or is this simply the highs and lows of progression we should be enjoying? Kudos for removing the mid-table anchor but we should never ignore the sentiments in aiming high. Or are we limited due to wage budget and therefore at a level that can't be surpassed when comparing ourselves to the clubs above us?

I don't get this free-pass mentality that is being bestowed on Harry simply because 'we've never had it so good'. I still stand by what I said recently. Look at the position we were in early this season then look at the collapse and the subsequent handling of said collapse. Do you want to risk going through that again at a pivotal moment next season? I won't cover old ground (read The regression of Harry Redknapp's Tottenham, four parts for a far more detail look at this season and the future).

Still, the person that needs to step up this summer is the chairman. Longevity, transfers and decisiveness. We've been far too cautious for too long. Can we afford to speculate with a little more oomph? It's still tricky to work out whether we have the funds or not. How much of a hindrance (until built) is the NDP if at all? Are we aiming high or simply looking to sustain continuity.

I will end with this quote (from Harry's favourite tabloid) from Harry: “Good luck to Roy. I can see my future at Tottenham and I would like to stay. But that is down to the chairman.”

No wonder he looked so glum post match.

Never a dull moment at Spurs.