Only a wise cracking soundbite can save us now...

Here's the match report.

We were crap.

No inspiration, no shape, no creativity and no cohesiveness. Another repeat performance, lacklustre in desire to somehow claw something, anything back. QPR value staying up more than Tottenham value top four.

Everything that continues to be wrong with us persists and festers from one game to the next with no apparent fix attempted. There's no doubt that we have to shrug and admit that lack of rotation and burn out has cost us along with avoidance to repair parts of the squad (cover wise) that so many of us predicted might come back to haunt us. Whether that's chairman or manager or both to blame for the consolidation we needed is there to be debated. But on the pitch there still isn't enough fight and there is no managerial astuteness. No leaders. No plan. No change. We've gift wrapped it for someone else to open.

Once more...Everything that continues to be wrong with us persists and festers from one game to the next with no apparent fix attempted. It's that simple. Or not so when you look at the results we've produced since late February.

When things are not going our way, when we lose form and heads drop there has to be guile on and off the pitch. Harry has sadly exhausted his talents. The players look exhausted. Four games left. On current form, not a chance. We could get lucky. It's unlikely to happen. That's it.

I've given this match report as much energy as Spurs did during the game so apologies for its flatness.

I feel desperate for us that we've lost so much of our strength, physically and mentally.


If this was a magic trick we haven't disappeared a playing card. We've made the Statue of Liberty vanish. Except it hasn't vanished. It's still there, you just can't see it. It's an illusion. We are being made to look the opposite of what we've fought to become over the past several seasons. What happened at the back end of last season has repeated itself once more. Credit for what has been achieved but there has been a spectacular loss of control suggesting its just too much for some to be responsible for keeping things steady in troubled waters.

Everyone else has navigated their way through the storm, we're left sinking with the captain of our ship already sat in a rubber dinghy paddling away.

It's too much to ask a side tragically out of form to aspire and recapture that long lost tempo. Do I still believe? Of course. Football is so much better if you give it everything you've got, even if it can leave you drained in doing so. Six points from nine games will hardly lead into twelve points from four, will it?

Let's move on.

I said in the match preview that Spurs would pull the heart out of my chest and kick it about for 90 minutes. I'd like my heart back now please. What's left of it.

Love Tottenham. Hate this.