Backbone made of crisps

Spurs 1 Chelsea something something

A ghost goal and phantom tactics...


So basically, in conclusion, the ghost goal becomes less relevant after the fact with every goal that proceeds it?

Okay then.

I'm not going to bother about Cech and if he should have been sent off. Only way that would have happened is if Bale wasn't up there with Adebayor.  Also, I do love how players still call for the goal when they know it hasn't gone over the line. Nice one. John Terry appealing for it even though he has since admitted he knew it wasn't over. Same for Juan Mata.

If it takes a photo from a very specific angle to show the ball DID go over the line, does that excuse a referee giving it on a whim that it was over the line? Referee's ref on gut instinct now? How sure was he in that split second that the entire ball crossed the line? There is no such picture, but it's all a mute point now.

Aside from this pivotal game-influencing moment its nigh impossible to predict what might/might not have happened in its aftermath which is why it should always be imperative that no matter the injustice you just GET THE F*** ON WITH IT. We defaulted to the textbook once more where this is concerned.

Other scratches of head: I would have started Sandro or Livermore instead of Lennon. Friedel should have been between the sticks. We should not have changed shape to 442 and (as cited) we fell apart way too easily, apologetically surrendering space with some woeful defending (regardless of being punished by some superb strikes/finishes). That shift in formation ruined us. Don't think we got the ball out to the flanks as often as we could of either. Gallas was just...<insert what you're thinking here>. Our full backs dizzy. Got into some decent positions, final ball not always the best. Once more no cutting edge. Our fitness, questionable. In conclusion, a completely uninspiring and somewhat unforgivable (second half) performance. Leadership, anyone? Shrewd and patience tactics lacking (remember the Stamford Bridge game)?

That shape you witnessed is one of a pear. I'm not even knee-jerking here.

Thought we looked fairly ominous even though we played alright for an hour or so. It was an evenly balanced game which saw Chelsea get lucky/take their chances. We competed without being spectacular and arguably at times were quite unfortunate. But still a lack of sustained want and desire to really go out there and dominate and bully them. It then turned into 'shades of City at home'. When the third went in, we gave up accepting yet another cruel punchline from the footballing Gods joke book.


It's not in!

Or is it? Parallax error says NO

It was gift wrapped for Chelsea.

Hate the fact that the game changed at 2-0 thanks to  Martin Atkinson. Let's just get this one out the way. I know there are times when refs make genuine mistakes based on instinct, but ***king hell, how was that not cheating? That wasn't an honest mistake, that was a concious decision to make the wrong decision because it felt right for him to react in a dishonest way. Hate the fact there has to be controversy. Hate the fact we had to lose a goal in that manner to then react positively. Hate the fact that we still capitulated and when we do, five is the not-so-magic number these days. Hate the fact that as good as we can be, when we're bad we just melt away. Hate the fact and despise the fact we lost to them lot at Wembley for the first time ever. Hate that not even in my worst nightmare did I expect that scoreline.

I hate that we didn't deserve to win.

Regardless of the phantom goal and the effect it had on the game, it's tiresome that we failed again to contain and channel the anger in the right way. It's a trend against this lot also (decisions going against us) but that's no excuse to accept it and roll with the punches.

It's also a continuation of recent form. We've not had the belief for the best part of this year. Lost our way? That's an understatement. With much irony, have to admit we lack the right level of man-management and decisive responsibility. When there is a certain ilk of pressure, we can't handle it. In the midst of the blip we've been incapable of somehow galvanising (Christ I HATE that word) and recapturing that much required tenacity to fight our way through it. There was a weakness in our game that is sometimes so much stronger than our strengths. Our Adamantium backbone from the first part of the season has turned into one made from crisps. Much like Atiknson and his decision making. Brittle.

But you know what, **** it. I can't do much about it now. Semi-finals since '91 hate on us in this competition. How many is that now? If this is rock bottom its rock bottom because of the expectations we've built up this season. We're disappointed because even though most thought it would be difficult to compete for the top four at the start we've done just that and at times excelled. But we've managed to p*ss it away recently.

We're disappointed because once more we've allowed ourselves to be consumed by the occasion at Wembley. However, there are still five games left in the league, so excuse me for a moment, I'll hold off writing the post-mortem for a few more weeks where CL is concerned.

If this is rock bottom, the only way is up. As long as we have a ladder. We're screwed if anyone is still holding onto that God damn shovel. Last time we lost a semi-final and got written off, you know what happened.

We are Tottenham. I am Tottenham. I wouldn't change it for anything. There's a reason a straitjacket is white.



As for the Chelsea fans, are you really that shocked?

"We are extremely disappointed a very small minority of fans embarrassed the club [during min silence for Hillsborough]" - yet another official club statement from CFC.

It's not a minority though is it? It's at the heart of their support. It's the core of their support. It's always been there, it never goes away. I expect nothing less from them and I hope it taints the rest of their innocent fans because they are the ones that need to take responsibility for sharing a stadium with scum.

In addition, reports of the usual anti-Semitic abuse also. Stay classy.