Lennon returns to restore balance to the facere

Here we go then. Swansea. At home. On TV. Nothing less than three points will do. Must win. Must push on. Must endeavour to win them all starting with this one. For all the talk of us rediscovering our mojo, it wont matter much if we don't take all the points. The buzz is no doubt back with us. Smiles on the faces of our players. Instinctive free flowing movement, pinging the ball about the pitch with style. This is the Tottenham of pre-blip form. But the comeback performance was in the cup. And it was contained in 90 pulsating minutes. This is the league and this needs to be the game that jump starts our end of season run-in across all remaining games.

I wouldn't change anything. Same formation, same tempo, same hunger and desire to attack and punish. Just need to punch our opponents rather than playfully slap them. Quick knock-out, then shuffle and dance around them to our hearts content. There was nothing wrong with the performance against Bolton. Creating chance after chance from wave upon wave of attack is a far better foundation to stand on than the confidence lacking performances we've witnessed in recent weeks which had us rocking back and forth in the corner. Take note of some of the scintillating passing, instinctive and to feet. That is  is confidence. Football is easy when you believe.

Swansea are perfect opponents. They will play their brand of tippy tappy and we'll play ours. Lennon is back in the squad which restores balance to the facere, giving us the necessary width to stretch opponents again if we choose to do so (from start or sub). Bale of old is gradually creeping back into the fold, bursting with energy and effective intent with thanks to a far more structured attacking formation. Our spirit will have been galvanised with the prospect of a trip to Wembley. It's time to consolidate and book that ticket for our continental away days for next season.

It really is this simple: L L L D D...W W W W W W W W

There should be no need for a rousing team talk. If you want it Tottenham, go get it.