Is he going to have a crack?

Perhaps someone can shed some light on a rather dark corner of the world of THFC. I'm referring to dead ball situations, something the players have taken literally judging by the lack of quality we possess when attempting to execute a free kick or corner. I can't even call it a decline because I'm struggling to remember the last time we could confidently line up an indirect free kick from one game to the next and consistently hit the target (or show intelligence in attempting to do so). Do we have any specialists in the squad? Do we have players that are technically good with the ball? Yes and yes. Except on both accounts there is never any showing where it matters. In real life. Rather than in their imagination where we appear to have a host of players deeming themselves capable.

More worrying is that the very simple set pieces (corners) are usually wasted, short or otherwise. This has been the case for a number of seasons. Bale was fairly useful once upon a time. With free kicks. The corner issue remains perplexing considering those aforementioned technical players we have (I didn't mention them by name, but just look through our midfield and then try to tell me they can't float a ball in with pace or direction from any other open play scenario). I seem to remember Carrick struggling with corners whilst at Spurs then leaving for Utd and returning to claim two assists from corners. Do we have  a institutionalised problem here?

The most telling aspect of this embarrassment is when you witness a huddle of Lilywhite shirts around the ball that's been placed just outside the box. Four, five, six players sometimes. It's fairly evident that there is no designated taker or any particular tactic or specially crafted dummy to be had. More of a 'it's my turn' philosophy as they hit and hope. Dare I say a culture of comfort? Carrick would.

Statistically we've probably scored the least amount of goals from set pieces. Now this doesn't necessary matter that much if we're doing it where it matters most (from open play) however, if we managed to drill ourselves into making some of our corners and free kicks count we might have more to show for it and thus ease pressure in games where that second/third killer goal is not forthcoming.

People claiming to be In the Know with Spurs could spend their time acquiring information on our training sessions rather than the next big summer transfer because I'd dearly love to know what we actually do on the pitch and on the chalkboard during our preparations.