It's about the shirt

Just remember people. Its about the shirt. What will be will be.

Can't deny Redknapp of the England job. Would make more sense for him to take it at the end of the season. Harry made a point of citing the support he's had from the club during the court case. I hope that counts for something but its hardly the end of days either way. I guess my gut instinct is there's no immediate need for him to replace Capello. It's dependent on how England approach Tottenham. One thing is for certain, I do not believe for a second that Levy has not planned a contingency or two for this scenario. Probably earlier than most expected (the summer being the prudent window for movement) but he'll have our backs covered. Managers, they come and go. We should be grateful that after a decade of mistakes we found swagger and consistency with one that was quite unexpected.

Like I said, it's really in the hands of the FA now. If they request to speak to Harry and want to offer him the job and want him to start it now then we get to see that contingency play out. I will love to see how they deal with the pay-out. If the offer is for the summer, then I'm hoping the distraction does not unbalance the manager and players - even though the sensory overload of news and opinions has already flooded all areas of the press (who adore him and will be relentless in their pursuit).

This is the job he wants more than anything. He simply won't say not to it. If asked.

Best to remember we're not a one-season wonder. We've been on the up for a few seasons now. We're in fantastic shape and the next man in will have one of the best sides in the country to manage.

I'm getting ahead of myself. All that's happened for the minute is Capello has gone. Until the next chess move, we wait. Many seem to have brushed aside the possibility that the FA might look elsewhere.

Newcastle on Saturday. That matters more than anything else at the moment.