Blinding debut

We had Chris Miller on The Fighting Cock podcast this past week (that's @WindyCOYS of fame). If you're not familiar with his work, he loves the young kids. The youth kids to be precise. He provides the pod with weekly updates but this time we had him live in 'the studio'. His rather beautiful face houses some extensive knowledge on THFC's academy and development squad and players out on loan. He's also tasty when it comes to biting tactical reviews (specialising in goals conceded) that might not make the best post-match reading but is still refreshing in a world that is obsessed with sensationalism and ITK.


Episode 19 (season 2) describition:

Essential show this week as the brilliant Chris Miller ‘gangster pop star physicist cook and patio builder’ guests. He’s also rather good at analysing Tottenham’s defending and has a keen interest in kids. Tottenham kids. Spurs youth players to be precise. Ready yourself for a carpet bombing of knowledge bombs as we discuss Panathinaikos, 1882, Everton autopsy and Swansea at the Lane. We’ve got a poignant quote, a shout-out and the usual meltdown that proceeds ‘questions from the listeners’. The features this week ain’t too shabby either.
Cooking up a storm: Flav, Spooky, Ricky and WindyCOYS.
Love the shirt.

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Massive nod of respect to everyone that continues to download the podcast and keeping us in the top 20 in both the episode and overall charts for Sports. Our RSS feed has been pulled (ooh) almost 76,000 times in the past month. Ta.