Morning. Tittle-tattle from yesterday?


We're not interested. How refreshing to hear that rather than have to listen to cheap suggestive soundbites prolonging a tenuous connection. Villas-Boas respectful when prompted with the loaded question, but distancing himself and us with any unnecessary transfer narrative. Wherever Beckham ends up he'll be more influential off the pitch than on it.


Hugo interviewed by Le Parisien (later published by L'Equipe) with more quotes to fuel the 'not so happy at the Lane' story arc that some (mostly people back in France) are obsessed with. Lloris considered himself first choice based on contract talks and not second choice. Even though he's ended up first choice now. Although if AVB drops him for Fulham away, then this arc might actually have legs...hopefully those legs that wont go running back across the Channel.

There has to be some middle ground found that includes our sweeper-keeper keeping his mouth tightly shut and dismissing any problems with life in N17. At the end of it all, he's the long term future as Spurs number one. So what if he's had to share that spot with someone who was in that spot for a season before he was. Boo-hoo. Brad aint getting any younger, Lloris journey is just about to begin.


I guess when you spend most of your time on the bench, when journalists ask questions they're hardly going to ask how comfortable the view is from the dug out. So with January in mind, coupled by Gareth Bale's good form we have a repeat of something Luka Modric shared the last time he was asked a question relating back to Tottenham. Blah blah Madrid this blah blah Madrid that. Yes, we get it. At some point we're going to end up selling Bale for a stupendous amount of money. We don't need ex-players facilitating any potential future transfer. The on certainty is that nothing will happen this January. Luka should concentrate more on Madrid and their struggle to keep up with Barca rather than what Bale and Spurs are doing. Unless he fancies coming back. We could do with someone covering Dembele.


Jan has ruled us out of being possible title contenders. Us and everyone else aside from the two Manchester sides. Nothing earth-shattering here. 3rd and 4th the target. Although I hope in some way Spurs look higher than that, if anything to guarantee that 3rd becomes a possibility as we enter 2013. We don't want a re-occurrence of last seasons heartbreak.

Benny and Parker

Both players back in training next week. Both have already started to run around so just waiting on when Kaboul is due to return and the excuse about us not being full strength will have to be dropped and all eyes on our coach as we hope to see a more cohesive and consistent back four and some extra bite in midfield. Considering how we always (sometimes) seem to fall apart in the second half of the season, would be great if we find a groove and work our way to a renaissance rather than fall back into civil war.

Fulham away

Berbatov. Jol. Dempsey. Dembele. I don't have time for match preview today. Could have spoken about both sides conceding a fair few goals this season. Spurs potentially going 3rd with a win. Berbatov, the most likely tormentor of our defence. Bale seeking to continue his rampant form. Should be a good one. It's unlikely to be boring. It has to be convincing.

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