Tottenham supporters in Rome, be safe.

Was going to write a shot preview of today's game against Lazio, only to wake up to read that  ten Spurs fans were attacked standing outside a pub last night, two of which were stabbed and one is in critical condition. Arrests made, but no more news at the moment. Variety of rumours about CS gas and baseball bats and 'jews'. Apparently the attackers were masked. I like how the media are referring to it as an altercation. Probably considered a normal incident out in Rome, sitting alongside corruption and match-fixing.

Regardless of whether they were Lazio ultras or not the main crux of the issue is that it sits outside the jurisdiction of our friends in UEFA. Although if this took place in England by English supporters attacking foreign supporters - all hell would break loose in the corridors of the footballing authorities. Honestly, if you're going to act the ****  regardless of who you support how about some old fashion table smashing. Why knife someone? What decade is this? We get monkey chants when they visit us and lives threatened when we visit them. And we're meant to be the hooligans? Roll on the game where no doubt more fascism will be openly displayed. Ironic that Villas-Boas was concerned about racism in the build up to this. Hopefully their eagle will suffer an aneurysm mid-flight.

Tottenham supporters in Rome, be safe. Hope we smash them on the pitch.

Images from La Repubblica.

Eye-witness account.

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