Talk amongst yourselves

I'm a bit busy. Having to sacrifice a bit of blogging at the minute to complete the final transition of this website across to a more improved platform. Regular readers will know I've recently left the traditional blue and gold behind for a more minimal all white. It's just cosmetics. The final transition includes one or two differences (for users and for myself behind the scenes). Got to do it at some point, been working on it all week. There's that and also the fact I've been travelling and there's been the potential for this site to 'disappear' thanks to superstorm Sandy practically drowning Squarespace (who are based in New York and have been working at astonishing pace to make sure there is no overtime thanks to the flooding and risk of power outage).

It's not like there's much going on anyway. What with Caulker. The Norwich game. The weekend almost upon us.

So yeah, talk amongst yourselves, please be patient. Will be back soon.


If you have a moment, please complete this survey on Safe Standing at White Hart Lane and share the link with other Spurs fans. Thanks.