The only Hazard that matters

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The Fighting Cock - Season 2, Episode 9.

The lads meet up with Micky Hazard, watch the Panathinaikos game, have a few beers, get to the 'studio' (lol) and record. Organic stuff. Practically orgasmic.

We've got a show jammed and buttered up with news on the next 1882 event (get your singing voices ready) plus a brand new project in the making, the historic OTT win at OT, AVB versus the media part seven hundred and a bunch of other stuff including questions from us and from you for our guest, London's finest black cab driver and not the father of Eden Hazard. It's emotional stuff.

Starting line-up: Flav, Thelonious, Ricky with Micky Hazard and Greg.


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We need your help – ‘Memory Lane’ – is a film in the making about our home, WHL. It’s currently in pre-production and we’re looking for old footage, programmes, rare items. So get in touch please. More info on the podcast and website (soon).