Botswana trio in Spurs colours

Right now there are three men in Botswana (two players and the manager of the Botswanna Meat Commission FC - the adopted African club side for The Fighting Cock) wearing Spurs shirts with their name on the back because #thefightingcock wanted it.

Wtf you might be asking? Wtf indeed. Sibs is the one responsible for making the dream reality. Kudos to you son.

Here's more:

Three guys in a country based in the south of the African continent are today wearing Spurs shirts which were sent from London. All made possible by Spurs fans all around the world. They seem so genuinely happy and excited, especially as they can't really understand why a group of Tottenham supporters have picked them as their adopted team.

Sometimes the world is just a flippin' awesome place to be and it is just bizarre things like this that make it so. Thing is WE can make stuff like this happen.

(that last bit sounded a bit like a cult)

~ Sibs


Thanks to you and all members of THE FIGHTING COCK podcast for the lovely present sent to Sikele, Chicco Nare and myself. We are very grateful and will wear the shirts with pride. I will get you a photo of Chicco in his shirt too and send it through.

Modiri Garenamotse


Chicco 'dance' Nare, the manager of BMC, has yet to don his shirt for a photo opp. Can't wait to see him style it up.

If you're still dazed and confused, this is what you need:

The Official Botswana Meat Commission FC Thread - Facts, history and updates on BMC games from the Botswana Premier League.

BMC FC Christmas Appeal - Spurs fans from around the world donate to raise the money to get the shirts out to Botswana.


Love the shirt.