Daniel and Harry

Spurs HQ

Daniel: I'm going to Starbucks. Fancy anything?
Harry: Yeah get me a tea.
Daniel: A tea?
Harry: Yes, a tea.
Daniel: We've got a keetle here.
Harry: I know, but if you're going out and getting a drink, I'll have tea.
Daniel: What about a Mocha?
Harry: Don't fancy one.
Daniel: A Cappuccino?
Harry: Doesn't sit well on the stomach.
Daniel: Latte?
Harry: Bit over-rated.
Daniel: So you just want a tea?
Harry: Yeah.
Daniel: Okay.
Harry: You need a few notes?
Daniel: No, no. I've got this.
Harry: Triffic.
Daniel: You sure you don't want a Frappuccio?
Harry: No, no. Tea. It's what I have at home, can't trust any of that fancy stuff.
Daniel: Okay.


Staff: Hello Sir, what can I get you?
Daniel: Give me a moment, need to see what you have.
Staff: Okay.
Daniel: I'll have a Americano...no, no...a Chai...no, a Breve...actually scrap that...a tall Latte...actually no, wait.
Staff: Would you like some help there sir?
Daniel: No, no. I've got it, I've got it. I'll have six Frappuccino's.
Staff: Sorry sir, did you say six?
Daniel: Yes. And a coupe of Caramel Macchiatos. And an Espresso Shot.
Staff: Espresso shot.
Daniel: Yes. Two. A Grande and a Venti.
Staff: Okay.
Daniel: Scrap that. Don't have my credit card on me, just loose change. Get me an Espresso.
Staff: Espresso?
Daniel: Espresso Macchiato.
Staff: You certain?
Daniel: Yes. Wait...how much does that cost?

Spurs HQ

Daniel: I'm back
Harry: What you got?
Daniel: A tea.
Harry: Triffic. Nothing for yourself?
Daniel: No need.
Harry: Why?
Daniel: We're sharing it. Two men, one cup.
Harry: Triffic.




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