Not so Bravehearts hanged, drawn and quartered

Hearts 0 Spurs 5

Spurs break Hearts. Tottenham on the fringe in Edinburgh. Freedom of the park that even William Wallace would be proud of, or not so proud. Okay, so that last one is hardly slick. Talking of which, just how slick was the Spurs last night?

Hands up if you somehow got sold on the idea that we were going to find it tough and that Hearts would stick it to us with some hefty tackling and bruising shoulder barging only to find them attempting to play football without the physicality? Not quite, hey? They more or less allowed us to run the show from the off, supremely confident in possession and in movement with some rather delightful (oh yes) passing and vision.

Wasn't just a hot knife melting butter. This was an ice cream in hell. For them. For us, feet up on the sofa (for the many that didn't travel) and almost embarrassed for the home side when applauding every time we scored.

Gulf in class, obvious. Even if I was one of the people who was sold on that idea of a 'tough' 90 minutes. What with Livermore the only apparent natural centre-midielder. He played well, very well, along with Niko in the centre doing a little bit of that dictating stuff that other 'injured' Croatian does so well for us.

Defoe looked sharp. Sexy sharp. Rafa once more leading the team forward along with Lennon and Bale doing their thing down the flanks. I can't fault any of the performances to be honest. Very encouraging to see both Livermore and Lewis Hamilton play a part, the latter with a great driving ball out to JD who crossed in for Lennon for a rather smart counting attacking move ending with yet another goal.

Everyone had a solid game. Huddlestone also making an appearance and no shock with the ball to Bale resulting with a goal. It's what he does so well. Hearts gave us a scare early in the 2nd half with some sustained pressure before that Bale goal ended any ridiculous dreams of a comeback or a more realistic ambition for a consolation.

It was a good work out and more importantly, its great to see us be so professional and swaggeristic. We got on with the job, killed the tie played some wonderful football. No need to get carried away with it. But no harm in basking in some of the unity out there. Obviously, better teams will ask far more sterner questions. But we can worry about that at Old Trafford on Monday.

For now, good work. Well done Harry, with half a midfield.


Be sure to check Episode #4 of The Fighting Cock below. Slight Bermuda triangle of an issue with the original article meant it didn't make it's appearance on some news feeds when it should have and got lost in the abyss of transfer gossip.



Robbie Keane and The Tottenham Whisper

Welcome to episode 4 of the The Fighting Cock podcast recorded on Wednesday 17th August from Ricky's living room.

We chat Everton postponement and the build up to Hearts in Europe (build the side around Livermore!). We also take a look back at Robbie Keane in Lilywhite (legend or tainted?) and attempt to decide if Gomes is worthy of his number one shirt. And emails too. There's also a controversial game of Killer (the Burkinshaw divide) and we're left scratching our heads asking: What is the Tottenham whisper? Don't forget to get in touch with your feedback and questions at

Love the Shirt.


The Fighting Cock podcast - episode #4