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You'll all mad if you think Levy isn't working his cotton socks off trying to bring in players. Our problem is always going to be our ambition (we need to sign players better than what we have or to the standard of our 'world class' players) and the fact the market has been clusterf*cked in recent seasons meaning mental transfer fees and astronomical wage demands.

Shame we can't scout a bargain (I guess we have with the Brazilian Leandro Damiao at Internacional, although not so much a bargain any more thanks to his new contract) but if we're aiming high, remember we're dealing with players who are obsessed with CL and clubs that want to milk us for every penny.

Snapshots from 'The Rose' pub in London Bridge, recording ep 3 of The FC Podcast

Something has to give. What Levy has to accept is that we might just have to pay that extra £5M or lose a little on players we wish to move on.

Failure to improve the squad will be massively detrimental. Which is why I still hold faith. If I can see it, Levy can see it.

If you think I've gone soft on Mr Chairman, that's not the case. Benefit of the doubt because strike three and you're out is just not a conclusion we could all possibly embrace. I'm not going to spend the lead up to the closure of the transfer window depressed if there's the potential that I'm going to spend the entirety of the season depressed.

Cometh the Spurs.

Love the shirt.



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Love the Shirt.

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