Latest transfer gossip from Twitter

Latest whispers and rumours this early afternoon. All info from Twitter via other people on Twitter. Which basically means hold off celebrating until after Jim White's head explodes on Sky Sports News.

- Mirko Vucinic bid accepted by Roma (meant to be around £15M which I have to say is a fairly superb price for him). It's been reported on back in Italy and it's made it's way across Europe with various journalists confirming (confirming what remains to be seen- confirming rumour or fact?). He's a proper all-round centre forward with a bit of everything and relatively cheap compared to other targets we've been linked with.

- Romelu Lukaku apparently subject to three bids, all from London clubs. Hardly tricky to work out which clubs. Also, equally not of difficulty to point at the West London club and nod in agreement that Lukaku's destination is with them. They know the player well. He's been on a promise to join them for a long time now.

- Ibrahim Afellay. If I've got this right, the 'rumour' was birthed out of the suggestion that Barca (having just splashed out £23M for Sanchez) want to offload Afellay (a player they signed last season) to generate money to go towards their Fabregas hostage payment. Bit far fetched this. But fingers crossed for a bit of fantasy football (transfer). Winger, very solid player but more inclined to believe this is simply foreign tabloid gossip and is only being discussed because it's not come directly from Sky Sports or the red tops.

- Chelsea to make final offer for Luka Modric at £35M. Cute.

- Q.P.R. in for Crouch, but denying it although we all know that usually means the opposite (logic not applicable to transfer window activity). Possible and probable the moment we start to make official announcements on signed players. Domino effect kicks in (that's domino as in a chain reaction - the first has to 'fall' for the rest to follow. No to be confused with the Dominos Pizza effect which is Mido in pre-season training).


In addition to the Vucinic story, Pablo Daniel Osvaldo is meant to be considering a move to Spurs or Fulham (Seven Sisters or the river in Fulham). If we're in for Lukuka at least that shows we're after two forwards (or more?) so guess away which of the other two current Spurs players will join Crouch on the way out of the Lane. Keane not included in that scenario because I refuse to contemplate one where he remains post-transfer window closure. Then again, I should hold off on the maths here because we wont know how many players to move on until after we 'complete' signings for brand new forwards.

Two in would suggest two out. So that's two newbies + JD or Pav with Crouch and Keane gone.

Or something.

Caveat for all of this is worth stating again, none of it might turn out to be true. Italian media claiming Vucinic done but then that's a little bit like Sky Sports Understanding and all they've actually done is read something printed in another country.

All of the above has also been confirmed by the ITK community who knew about it weeks back although you'll have only worked it out if Dan Brown was there to lend a hand.



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