Tweeting Tottenham

If it feels like your permanently on-line at the moment, refreshing countless news feeds and message board threads in the hope of a breaking story or slice of information that will brighten up your're wasting your time. You and I both know Spurs won't do any business until the final day of the transfer window and the only thing worth watching on that day is Sky Sports News in the hope that Jim White's head will finally explode on live tv.

That's not to say there is anything wrong with being permanently on-line. But there are better ways to spend it. No, not porn. Yes porn, but another is Twitter.

Don't be afraid, if you're not a user - sign up.

Might appear a little offbeat and irreverent to start of with, but if you follow the right type of people then what you end up with is basically a time-line of chat and information, a good mix of fellow THFC fans along with some top journalists (they exist) and esteemed bloggers (not just the Spurs ones) and statos. It's good craic.

So to get you started (of if you're on it already), make sure you're following this Spurs lot and a couple more:


@daviddinkin - Trust me on this, one THFC fan well worth a follow.

@tehTrunk - Creator of this lot. His facebook page is here.

@thedarkpav - Roman Pavlyuchenko's dark side.

@SpursSimon @Bentleysbird - Banter.

@MorrisKeston - Superfan.

@MartinCloake - Author.

@ThePOTL @EvilChirpy - Phantom of the Lane, allegedly. And post-surgery Chirpy.

@WindyCOYS @spursblogger @Studub @dompaczko @NorthernWrites - Bloggers.

@TLDORC @R_o_M - City. Utd.


You know what, far too many too mention. Full list here.