Statement of intent

Brace yourselves. It seems Sam Wallace of the Independent is privy to an imminent statement from Luka Modric concerning the players future at the club. The statement will no doubt be apologetic spin to limit any further damage made by the perfectly scripted quotes made from his boat to a Daily Mail reporter. Something lost in translation no doubt, he’ll say. It’s almost a certainty that Luka will be positive towards the club he’s currently contracted too and perhaps we can all move on and hope that Levy follows up his blockbuster statement from the other day with one pertaining to a new signing (or two).

Kia Joorabchian was/is (according to the Independent article linked above) involved with the Luka bombshell which more or less explains the shady developments of recent days. It’s looking more and more like they were testing Levy and the clubs resolve, possibly knowing deep down it was a long shot but giving it a go regardless - be it for a transfer or further improved wages (worked with Rooney). I guess had Chelsea bid £40M from the off, we might have found ourselves in a different position today. But they only bid a laughable £22M. Proving I guess that their ambition hardly matches Modric’s, if they don’t rate him highly enough to pay his worth.

To repeat what I said in my previous blogs, Levy’s devastating hand to face statement is one that allows zero wriggle room to go back on his word that the player is not for sell at any price (in addition to Luka’s comment that he would not hand in a transfer request). Levy knows the move is fantasy and I don’t blame him for taking advantage of this. He’s made sure he gets maximum impact out of making a mockery of the Chelsea bid. Flexing muscles for all to see. Using the ilk of language that shows off his strength in refusing to buckle.

Luka/agent/Joorabchian might want something else out of all this but they’ll have to wait another season at the very least.

It's been theatrical from all concerned. More so once the Luka statement is released. Because regardless of what he says in terms of appeasing the disgruntled and disappointed Spurs fans, it’s all been akin to a father taking a belt to his rebellious son to then have said son return from his bedroom after reflecting on his behaviour and apologise to the family for being out of line.

He was never going to get away with it.