Harry Redknapp. What does he do exactly?

Morning. I'm sort of back. My absence? Call it a creative lull thanks to ill health and lacklustre concentration. Not had the time to write. Doesn't look like I've missed much. Michael Dawson with another rallying (worrying) battle cry pre-match. Have we actually won a game after he's attempted a Churchillian speech? Talk about the validity of Europa League qualification continues. Bill Nick would have taken it, I'm sure. Then again, Bill Nick would probably have got us into that other competition. Also there's the transfer tittle-tattle which continues to link Modric and Bale to moves away. Lennon to Liverpool another firm favourite.

I don't mean to be disparaging to other football websites, but linking X player to X club(s) hardly warrants coverage after the 200th time. God help us when the season is over. It's going to be a summer of absolute nonsensical BS drowning out our every move. We wont be able to breathe. And that's just the return of Big Brother. Let alone what the wonders of the summer transfer merry-go-round will bring. Fergie tap-dancing outside the Lane. Redknapp signing ten relegated West Ham players. Jenas, five year contract extension.

Shame there's no such thing as a stasis chamber.