The Berbatov Hypothetical

Would you?

Some would say it's a little bit like taking back an ex-girlfriend who was cheating on you for a year before she finally walked out. Having completely fallen out of love with her, you let her walk.

The first reflex surrounding this suggested transfer (based on the fact that even though Berbatov has scored plenty of goals this season, he's benched more often than not for key games and went AWOL before yesterday's CL final) concerns the fact that Manchester United might want a little something in return. Guess it depends if they come knocking on our door, offering the Bulgarian as part of a player + cash deal for our little but big time Croatian.

Still on the hypothetical, I would hope Levy scans his private area and faxes it across to Ferguson with love and kisses. If we go knocking on their door (not implausible as seen by the Robbie Keane debacle) it will have to be a strictly 'no player swap' strategy.

There is hardly an argument concerning the players quality, say in comparison to what we need and who we've been linked with. He's better than anything we have. Can he play up front on his own with van der Vaart just behind him? Probably, quite easily. His working relationship with Keane is not too dissimilar in terms of vdV being a player who attacks the penalty area and looks to get on the end of it.

Teddy returned to us from Utd. But Dimi is no Teddy.

He sulked his way out of our club, striking his way to Old Trafford and igniting the beginning of the end for Martin Jol. Not sure too many of our players would be fussed to see him return, regardless of the alleged affect it all had on team morale at the time. All players by their self preservational nature are disloyal. Part and parcel of looking after ones own priorities.

Interestingly, there have always been whispers of this potential deal simply based on the fact he played for us in the past, we are searching for a striker and the relationship between player and manager has been one of an erratic and strained nature. All based on what we see on television and Utd's selection. No 'in the know' has suggested this, but probably will after yesterday so expect plenty of 'we're in talks' snippets to start appearing all over the place shortly.

So would you? Would it still taste as good?