It was four years ago today...

...I posted this article quoted below.

Day Zero

I have returned from exile. And in addition, have decided to embrace the Internet and blog culture in my fight against the oppressor. Season ticket burning season is almost upon us with the 2007 footballing year drawing to a close, falling into the abyss that is the summer transfer window. My therapist says keeping a journal should help. Personally I believe excessive porn and midnight conversations with Jack Daniels will block out any reoccurring night terrors.


Happy 4th b-day DML. I'm still here. From mid-table to bottom of the table to Champions League. I've had the odd sabbatical, almost quit once or twice, but stuck with it. From Jol to Ramos to Redknapp.

I've also managed to write a few letters. Burnt the odd season ticket in protest. Been threatened. Been accused. Asked what exactly does Jenas do. Said countless hellos and goodbyes to the Arsenal trolls that always appear to gloat when it's safe to do so but never turn up when it's not.

Hated on International Break. Wrote the odd article about Stratford. Hated on Matthew Norman.

Had Andrei Arshavin and Dimitar Berbatov guest-blog. Attempted and succeeded in relegating Newcastle United. Punched Chirpy in the face. Used the same Quantum Leap joke twice. Made friends, lost friends.

Introduced the Four Horsemen and had them appear in the Stupendous Adventures of Bale and Bentley. Held hands in the Love Parade with the ITK community on more than one occasion because they just love the attention.

Even allowed Kanye West to interrupt...several times.

Expanded to Twitter, Facebook and made some videos on You Tube and even stalked Daniel Levy to the tune of Eminem.

So thanks for the support. And special hugs for...

Chris Toy, All Action no Plot, Who Framed Ruel Fox?, Musings, Tottenham on my Mind, Windys Blog, What a Fantastic Run, THFC1882, anything the one trick pony teh trunk does, all the newly born start-up Spurs blogs, all the Spurs fans on Twitter, Scott the Red from Mancunia, the glory glory boys, the narcs over at rumourwhores...yadda yadda yadda.

Hopefully the experience here hasn't been too shabby. You can't expect to be able to please everyone and I've hardly done that in the past four years. Nice to see one or two of you have stuck around. The ones that don't always agree but still visit, cheers for being here to provide the counter-arguments.

I'm only as good as what Tottenham have to offer and the club never fails to inspire, be it in bad or good times.

Although I'm not about to part money with Interflora, I should also say a thank you to the chairman. Imperative to this blog has Daniel been. If Levy did happen to leave THFC in the future, I'd perhaps be forced into registering a new domain name. Dear Mr Pleat?

So before the sentimentality floods the place with tears, just wanted to give you a wink and a pat on the back. If this was a pub, I'd buy you a pint. Onwards to the 5th then the 10th anniversary we march.