Summer is almost upon us... brace yourselves for the opening of the transfer window and the army of a thousand 'in the knows' that will bloody their sword in battle.

I adore the fact that so many people claim to have contacts/deep throats (or know someone who is connected in some wishy washy way) within the recently reinforced walls of White Hart Lane (if you believe the ITK that suggested Levy has tightened security of transfer shenanigans to a need-to-know basis).

All the information passed on from said insider(s) is then shared with the online community without hesitation. Although considering Harry Redknapp tells everybody via press conference who we're looking at it's hardly ground breaking stuff when something from within is then leaked into the public domain and is duplicated in half a dozen news streams. Guillem Balague also busy with the La Liga connections today (Osvaldo anyone?).

When the ITK's do let us know what's happening at the club, the information differs (in some cases vastly) from one to the next. So that's basically 40-50 people involved at the club at varying levels of employment who are privy to conflicting information (if notes were compared) and are all willing to share with people outside of the club that either use message boards or pass on the info to someone who does, resulting with rich ambiguity and canny cryptics of the transfer deal at hand. Yet rarely can any one ITK nail it beyond absolute doubt with definitive clarity. Then again, perhaps that's the point. Grapevine, whispers and misinformation.

Strangely, I can never force myself to look away. Probably because I need the material to work my way through the months before pre-season begins.

I've been privy to some information in the past (hasn't everybody?) although I know not a single person working for the club. The information was agent/player related and to be honest heavily dosed in salt. I've also been privy to other pointless whispers. But hardly any of it relevant to the necessity to know something before it happens even though if it happens you'll know about it regardless. Better left to the professionals.

Considering the variables at play and the limited scenarios that can potentially play out, if you throw enough **** at the wall, some of it will stick.

This summer the aim is to simply find the gem in amongst the rehashed echos of the prognosticative and the bleeding obvious and crown it as the definitive example, absolute clarity that Daniel Levy's Lilywhite walls have been penetrated and the juicy secret has oozed out into the wild.

I'm drowning in hypocrisy but I don't care. Follow the updates here:

ITK thread 2011/12