Things Harry Redknapp will say next

First there was the epic “I'm going to go and commit suicide, it's so sad”. Then he delivered the punchy “99.9 per cent of people who go to Tottenham have loved everything they’ve seen. That’s all that matters” and the exquisite “They’re idiots who don’t even watch football".

DML and Spurs fans on Twitter present to you...things Harry Redknapp will say next.


"Bill Nicholson led this club to the double, but he didn't have the handicap of two points from eight games"

Speaking on Oprah Winfrey: "The reason the NDP is non-viable is because there's no room for my statue"

"Spurs fans need to wake up and smell the coffee. If I wasn't appointed boss they'd be sitting midtable in league one"

"I established the club in 1882. Some "Fans" seem to forget that..."

"When I left they had 3 points from 8 games. Triffic compared to where they were when I started"

"Spurs will not be signing any players from La Liga. And up after the break on Sky Sports News, Jim White will be with us"

"Top nine finish is superb for them, superb for this club. Remember, they were bottom when I arrived. Two points from..."

"Look, all I did was unzip and urinate in their direction. I wasn't technically speaking aiming at the home support"

"Two points, eight games, two points, eight games, two points, eight games, two points, eight games"

Harry on potential signings: "I like that Revisita La Norther Premier Hotpoint League. That's the standard of player we'll go for"

"I did tell the FA all about my minor indiscretions when I took the job"

"Yeah, he's a good lad that Tony Cottee. He'll be fantastic upfront with Crouchie with Billy Bonds slotting into midfield"

"I didn't lose today, they did, them lot. Spurs. Nothing to do with me is it?"

"What I'm going to do to celebrate 3 wins from 13 games? Not much, probably just go home and have a bacon sarnie and walk the dogs"

"Crouchie and Defoe, unlucky not to score. Not our day. England fans should be happy. Quarter-final? I'd have taken that"

"I love a bit of wheeling and dealing, it's what makes football proper"