One last dance

It's almost surreal if you care to reminisce about the back end of last season and the outrageous heart in mouth stamp of determination and desire we brought down onto the throats of our opponents, choking them dead, when chasing a dream which most had already decided was out of our reach.

It's Eastlands again but this time it's not neck and neck it's not do or die. City have breathing space. We simply have pride. That's if we've remembered to pack it up with the kits and boots. The home support will no doubt lap up the avenging nature this game is offering them on a plate. Brace yourself for a history enriched Poznan.

If they win, they have their pot of gold whilst we look up to the heavens with the rain pouring down on us with no sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine to be seen. Another day perhaps in the future it will burst through the clouds once more and we'll rediscover our rainbow.

I would still welcome an upset in our favour (obviously), even if we are simply prolonging the inevitable.

So, with casual badge thumping, come on you Spurs. Do that thing that you do sometimes. The daring and the doing in association with each other that can result with ample swashbuckle tinged with tenacity. Only if you can muster it up of course. Would be nice. One last dance before that sun sits behind the cloud ridden sky and we're left with the light from the night sky moon to guide us home.

Preferable a white moon. Not blue.