Twitter rant

Twitter multi-tweet rant from me early this morning after reading yet another article about 'racist' Spurs fans and that song about Adebayor.


So, let me get this straight

Kick it Out wait until the player has left England and for said player to then be placed in position where stupid song can be sang at him

Then for said player to complain about it (well within his rights I should add)

And this is then an invite for Kick it Out to comment on it and urge the player to take further action

How about when Spurs and Arsenal fans sang this song at him whilst he played in England? Did ya not hear it then?

Are you not proactive?

How about the clubs?

You want something done, then be seen to do something about it rather than throw around weighty soundbites in the press

I'm waiting for Sol Campbell to come out in support for the player and confirm we're all racist scum

Because, that's why we hate Sol Campbell and abuse him when he plays against us. It's because he's black

It's not because he's a liar and scum

Thanks for listening

There's no room for racism, any form of it, in society let alone football

But ******* hell, there are far more serious things happening that probably need that bit more attention than the crap sang by a minority

I suggest crime watch get some mugshots up like last time. really drive the message across

@Spooky23 What's your opinion of the abuse Rooney was getting at West Ham?

@ see this is the problem. abuse in general. fine line, what is deemed as banter and what is borderline and what is a no-go?

fans singing songs about Cisse's head looking like a pint of Guinness - racist or funny?

number of years ago, we played Nottm Forest in the cup, WHL

think we drew, then replayed at their ground

at the lane, was right next to away supporters in the park lane and i could visible lip read some of their fans calling us 'f****** jews'

at their ground, in the coach (got pelted by stones) I witnessed kids/teenagers mimicking apes, directed at me why

although I can assume what they were trying to get at

these are problems not with football, but because of the sheer amount of people at a game and the numbers that might echo the same...

...sentiments, we (the royal we) think we can get away with certain things. and certain things we can. just about

which is why the Ade song is sang. which is why some sang the distasteful Judas song. in the street you'd not get away with that

which is why the Ade song is sang. which is why some sang the distasteful Judas song. in the street you'd not get away with that

@Spooky23 Do you not agree most (if not all) of the players who get abuse invite that stuff. Barton, Savage, Sol, Rooney, Maradona, Adebayor

@ now that's the crux of it in terms of tradition, banter. some chants are not nice, but we'll hardly going to say something nice

@ the players you mentioned, they 'deserve' attention. they get paid enough to stand strong. they probably dont give a toss

they probably even like it to come extent. unless of course they have an agenda (yes, Judas, I'm talking about you)

Ade seems honest enough off the pitch, if he wants to make a deal out of it, fair enough

Rooney deserves abuse, if that makes sense. chin up. get the f*** on with it you miserable millionaire you

we all know, hand on heart when something is genuinely racist because it offends us to the bone even if its not directed at us

we also know when something is touching on cultural differences and therefore borderline or skipping towards allowing for more serious abuse

to become acceptable by those singing the borderline stuff

The Ade song is nothing compared to listening to chelsea fans, teenagers, singing songs about killing jews

In frigging Putney when I worked there, on a Friday evening ffs

do we have racist fans? yeah, doesn't every club?

do we have idiot fans? yes

in the bogs in the park lane I've heard one idiot sing a song about Matthew Harding, he got not a single response from it. i smiled inside

we can make it very complex in terms of what is and isn't acceptable. but it's obvious what is and isn't. some things will get highlighted

..more than others. Liverpool/Utd have plenty of songs sang in each others direction etc etc

Anyways, in conclusion, can we just move on and perhaps think of songs for players that don't have songs

rather than sing songs about players who constantly dick us in games

Also, just as a footnote, Chelsea FC do quite a bit in removing their own fans from the stands re: racism

Perhaps some of their minority fans who still hold onto yesteryear should look towards the club owner for an epiphany




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