Supporting our Future

In the aftermath of the fragmentation and discussions (mostly arguments) surrounding the proposed move to Stratford and the viability of the NDP we once more find ourselves waiting for the clubs next move. You wouldn't dispute the fact that we were some what left on the shelf during the whole process. A protest here, a protest there - Daniel Levy and club simply asked us to keep the faith but left many of us in a state of confusion with questions left unanswered.

Protesting, obviously not enough. A different approch is required. And we have that.

A group of Spurs fans have got together to attempt to gauge constructive opinion by way (initally) of a survey. Rather than simply chase the club for answers the aim is to propose a soultion(s). And that can only be completed if you get yourself involved.

It's well worth your time and hopefully the club will take note and possibly push forward with their own referendum or at the very least respond to the proposals that SOF suggest - as the progression of Tottenham remains paramount with all concerned. We still need that bigger stadium, right?

Martin Cloake is involved in this and it's worth reading his associated article about the survey and the reasons behind 'Supporting our Future' (rather than me paraphrasing and not doing it any justice).

You can do so by clicking here to visit his blog and article.

The 'Supporting our Future' ethos is outlined as follows on their website:

Our initial aim is to get discussions to resume development of a World Class football stadium worthy of the club and its ambition at our current home, White Hart Lane, back on track. We aim to do this by

  • Conducting a detailed survey of fan opinion
  • Using these findings to construct practical proposals.
  • Seeking meaningful dialogue with the club and partners interested in backing stadium expansion.
  • Working in a fully transparent manner.

We encourage every Spurs fan reading this site to take part in our on-line referendum.

Explore these pages to find out more about Supporting our Future, the latest news, and how to get in touch, particularly if you are interested in helping to support our work.

 Their mission statement is simple:

We, a group of supporters of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, intend to offer a practical proposal based on the opinions of the fans to resume development of a World Class football stadium worthy of the club and its ambition at our current home, White Hart Lane.

Click here for the survey. Have your say. We've all had something to moan about in the past six months, let's not all suddenly go quiet again until the next twist and turn rears it's head.