This changes everything

It's The's The's The Fighting...APP!

Tottenham Hotspur faithful, immerse yourself into The FC world with a nonchalant tap of your finger and a smug smile. You've heard the pod, browsed the website, interacted in the forum and tweeted the re-tweets and hashtags. Now you can do all of that from your iPhone in one slick looking sexy app. Oh yeah. So what have we got for you?

  • Easy access to the latest pod downloads + snazzy in-built podcast player
  • Background Playback - you can play the pod whilst checking your mails/browsing/giving us a 5 star rating in itunes
  • The Fighting Cock blog + Dear Mr Levy dot com article feed
  • Pulsating Fighting Cock forum navigation (full or mobile version)
  • Team profiles (so you can stalk us on match-days at the Lane)
  • Sound-bites from the pod
  • Easy access to contact us (we want your feedback/suggestions/recordings)
  • Push notifications - get informed the minute the Pod is released
  • Integrated Twitter updates from The Fighting Cock team + our hashtag assaults
  • Ability to configure settings so you can control how and when you download updates

All for just £3.99 £1.49!

Please download this app so we have money to spend on booze and record the pod. Search for "the fighting cock" within the app store or click the button below.



Love the shirt.

Love the app.

For support or any enquires please email us at thefightingcock [at]